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Use of drones increases in residential real estate market

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Residential Real Estate |

One aspect of the real estate world that is growing in popularity in the state of California is the use of drones. Drones are not being used just for luxury residential real estate, either. Drone operators are increasingly being hired to help home owners to market and sell their homes more effectively.

Drones are in high demand because certain still photos and aerial videos cannot be captured any other way. The benefit of drones is that home hunters are able to see a home’s surroundings. Real estate agents have been producing marketing videos using drones for the past three years at least, but the commercial use of drones has technically been illegal until now. Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration’s, or FAA’s, new rules issued in late August, drones are now available for greater use in real estate.

The new provisions make it possible for people to operate drones without having to have a pilot’s license. However, there is a certificate offered by the FAA. Operators also need to keep visual contact with their unmanned craft.

While the use of drones may certainly increase homeowners’ chances of getting their homes sold, the real estate buying and selling process can be complicated from a legal point of view. One mistake or oversight may cause a deal to fail, thus costing the involved parties both time and energy. Proper legal guidance may help individuals to effectively navigate their deals so that they achieve their unique goals in the California residential real estate market.

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