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Civil Litigation: Benefit From The Best Of Both Worlds

Legal disputes arise in virtually all contexts of life: business, relationships and real estate, to name a few. When a dispute escalates into litigation, your choice of attorney can make a significant difference. A top-dollar law firm may end up draining your resources, and in turn, leaving you in a worse position than when the dispute began. Yet you may question whether a lower-cost lawyer truly has the experience and ability to protect your interests.

At Haven Law in Manhattan Beach, California, I offer the best of both worlds: high-quality legal services at reasonable rates. My civil litigation experience spans more than two decades and encompasses virtually every type of claim. And, as a solo practitioner, I don’t have the extraordinary overhead costs of a larger firm. I pass these savings along to you in the form of efficient, cost-effective legal services.

Looking for high-caliber legal service at reasonable rates? With Peter T. Haven, you’ve found it.

No matter what type of civil lawsuit you’re facing, there’s a good chance I’ve confronted the same or similar issue in my career. You can turn to me for help with any type of legal issue, including:

I also have extensive experience handling debt collection matters for both debtors and creditors.

Strive For Peace, Prepare For War

I understand the importance of thorough preparation. Fundamentally, I’m a trial lawyer. This means I’ll never shy away from taking a case to trial if needed. Yet it doesn’t mean that every case actually ends up before a jury. By preparing every case for trial, I’m often able to leverage a better resolution out of court.

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