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May 2016 Archives

Dual agency: what is it and should you be okay with it when buying a home? P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the issue of dual agency in real estate transactions. As we noted, dual agency is when the same brokerage which listed a property also represents the buyer. The practice is legal, but there are certain rules that must be followed in California and there are certain risks.

Dual agency: what is it and should you be okay with it when buying a home?

If you have purchased a home before, or are considering doing so, you have probably given some thought to using a real estate agent vs. working with an attorney. We’ve previously written a bit about this issue on our blog, noting that the help of an experienced real estate attorney can be indispensable in residential real estate transactions. This is true whether or not a real estate agent is involved. 

On condos and co-ops: be prepared for potential disputes

Many people are comfortable buying their own home or renting an apartment. These two living situations are very common. But there are plenty of people who choose alternative residential situations, such as living in a co-operative or buying a condominium. These living situations give the residents a sense of security and community, and they provide a number of benefits.

Man drops real estate lawsuit against Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg's name is instantly recognizable as the billionaire is the founder of Facebook and is currently the company's CEO. But he was also in the news recently for a real estate dispute that he was involved in. Zuckerberg bought the rights to property from Mircea Voskerician. Voskerician said that as part of the deal, Zuckerberg agreed to introduce him to other prominent Silicon Valley residents to help bolster his business.

Legal help necessary when a real estate dispute beckons

If there is one thing you can say about real estate law, it is that it is complicated. There are so many facets to real estate: from purchasing a home, to purchasing commercial property, to renting pieces of property, to dealing with construction issues and brokerage disputes, there are so many ways that you can become embroiled in a real estate dispute.

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