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Protecting Your Financial Interests In Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is an incredibly dynamic field. Not only are market conditions always changing and evolving, but so, too, is the vast body of law that affects real estate transactions.

One thing remains a constant in real estate: the potential for legal disputes. Whenever significant investments are involved, the risk of legal problems is real. The question then becomes how to best protect your interests.

Here, You’ll Find Experienced, Cost-Effective Guidance From Attorney Peter T. Haven.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, broker, agent or owner, you can count on Haven Law for experienced legal representation. As an experienced trial lawyer with a career spanning more than 20 years, I’m well-versed in California real estate law. I also understand the business side of real estate. As a solo attorney, I’m well-positioned to protect your interests in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

I can assist you with any type of commercial or residential real estate matter, including:

  • Purchase/sale disputes
  • Commercial leasing (landlord-tenant disputes)
  • High-end residential lease disputes
  • Brokerage disputes
  • Construction defect disputes
  • Financing disputes
  • Appeals

You will find in me not only a capable legal ally, but also a veteran litigator. My dedication in diligently preparing for trial at every step in the process will give your case a strong foundation for a successful resolution. Additionally, because I’ve handled such a broad range of real estate litigation and other legal disputes, you can feel confident that your interests are in good hands.

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To discuss next steps with Peter T. Haven during a free initial consultation, please call 310-272-5353 or send a message online. Peter T. Haven has two convenient offices in Manhattan Beach, and works with clients statewide.