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June 2016 Archives

Residential real estate market competitive in California

The most challenging part of the real estate market in California today is the lack of inventory. Most residential real estate transactions are involving multiple offers, which is pushing home prices higher than their list prices. In addition, houses are being snatched up within days of being placed on the market.

Tips may help those selling residential real estate

The housing market in California and other parts of the U.S. is constantly changing. Thus, a homeowner who wants to sell might end up facing a seller's market, characterized by bidding wars and increasing prices. The homeowner might also face a buyer's market, in which there are several home choices and, thus, lower prices. A few tips may help people to successfully sell residential real estate in the Golden State.

Can you ask another business not to compete?

Generally when we think about non-compete agreements, we think of contracts that companies have employees sign, promising that the employee won't steal confidential information or directly compete with the company for a certain length of time after leaving.

Prices in commercial real estate transactions may level off

The price tag of commercial property in the US, including in Southern California, has been on the rise in recent years. However, the price might be leveling off now in commercial real estate transactions. In fact, the price of commercial real estate is predicted to possibly even decline in the next few years.

California dominates list of hot residential real estate markets

When it comes to buying and selling houses, the state of California is one of the hottest markets in the United States. Throughout the country, the asking prices for residential real estate properties reached record highs during the month of May. In addition, houses have been zooming off of the market more quickly than they have at other times since the beginning of the housing recovery.

Commercial, residential real estate promising for investors

Buying property in Southern California appears to be promising for investors today. This is true for investors who are specifically interested in flipping houses in the residential real estate market. It is also true for those interested in commercial real estate.

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