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Residents of high-rise question their safety as it tilts

Here's something you don't think about every day: An apartment complex tipping over. One woman living on a 57th floor apartment noticed that the Millennium Tower wasn't standing as straight as it should have been. In fact, she was putting in her room when she realized that the ball always rolled into the same corner. That was only the first sign that something was wrong.

Luxury residential real estate hot in Wine Country, other areas

In California, areas near wineries appear to be hot for real estate. Luxury residential real estate in the state's Wine Country particularly is drawing attention for high home values. The values of these homes have increased by double digits since 2015.

Residential real estate buyers and sellers may benefit from app

People in California may benefit from a new application launched by a real estate guru in the state's Bay Area. The company that has produced the app, called Reali, says that it is designed to help people to buy and sell residential real estate without the need for real estate agents. Instead, they complete their transactions through the app.

Luxury residential real estate market strong in California

The state of California is currently dominating the luxury real estate market in the United States. On a recent index of luxury residential real estate properties, seven of the listed top 10 counties are in the Golden State. Of these seven counties, four are in the San Francisco market, while the others are San Mateo, Marin and Santa Clara.

Residential real estate markets expected to thrive inland

According to the California Association of Realtors, 2017 will be a positive year for the inland markets in the state. Inland residential real estate markets are expected to thrive because homes along the state's coast are becoming less affordable. The number of houses sold is expected to increase between 2016 and 2017.

Use of drones increases in residential real estate market

One aspect of the real estate world that is growing in popularity in the state of California is the use of drones. Drones are not being used just for luxury residential real estate, either. Drone operators are increasingly being hired to help home owners to market and sell their homes more effectively.

Residential real estate values increase in Los Angeles County

Real estate values in Los Angeles County have recently risen. In fact, several counties in Southern California have seen their home values go up. Residential real estate in this part of the state had a median price of $465,000 in the month of August, which was an increase of more than 6 percent compared to last August, when the median price was $438,000.

Residential real estate strong in California, around the country

Statistics show that the market for home properties was hot in the month of August in the state of California. This is in line with the normal activity of the residential real estate market in this season of the year. August usually sees a final burst of home-purchasing activity right before the fast-paced summer season draws to a close.

Residential real estate complex for those nearing retirement

Understandably, making real estate decisions can be complicated no matter how many times a person has completed these types of transactions in the past. However, it can especially be overwhelming for those nearing retirement. A few tips may help retirees to make smart residential real estate decisions in California.

Residential real estate market healthy in Southern California

There have been concerns about the peaking of the real estate market in the southern part of California -- for instance -- in San Diego. However, new reports show that residential real estate price and sales appreciation in this part of the state continue to be healthy. In fact, pending home sales there rose more than 7 percent between last July and this July.

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